Focused: Experiencing and Expressing the Transforming Love of Christ

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Biblical Teaching, Practical Lessons

Here at La Jolla Pres., we want to see lives transformed through a relationship with Jesus. One way we witness that is by sharing God’s Story, and equipping you to share His story as well. We strive for sermons that are informative, applicable, inviting and transformative.

For the next four weeks we are going to be taking an in-depth look at the church in Antioch, in Acts 11 and Acts 13, as well as utilizing other Scriptures from the Old and New Testament, to talk about the theme of “How We Experience and Express the Transforming Love of Christ.” We want to look at the church at Antioch and see what we can learn from it. How was it formed? How did it understand its mission in the world? Where was it located?

ScriptureSermon ThemeGrowth Group QuestionsWatchListen
Acts 11:19-21 and Nehemiah 2:11-18Knowing Your ContextWeek One QuestionsVideoAudio
Acts 12:24-13:3 and Isaiah 65:17-25A Diverse Congregation Week Two QuestionsVideoAudio
Acts 11:22-26 and Acts 4:32-37 Encouragement…BarnabasWeek Three QuestionsVideoAudio
Acts 11:27-30 and 2 Corinthians 9GenerosityWeek Four QuestionsVideoAudio