Growth Groups

Here at La Jolla Pres., we want to see lives transformed through a relationship with Jesus. One way we witness that is by sharing God’s Story, and equipping you to share His story as well. We strive for sermons that are informative, applicable, inviting and transformative.

What Are Growth Groups?

Realistically, church staff or elders are not able to personally minister to everyone who attends our church. That’s why we place such a high priority on our Growth Groups. We also believe that sustained, spiritual growth and life change happens best in the context of a small group community. Plus, in a Growth Group, people have the opportunity to study God’s Word together, share life stories, take part in local service projects and care for one another in relevant ways.

Most of our groups study a sermon-based curriculum in which the study questions focus on the sermon from the previous Sunday. Our groups are generally comprised of 10-16 people and require a commitment to the sermon series. If you are interested in joining a group, please email Pastor Chad Fransen at or call (858) 729-5509.

Whether you are a member of LJPC, a regular attender, or looking for a place to make new friends and study the Word, we invite you to join a Growth Group.

Date Scripture Sermon Title Speaker Watch Listen

Mark 6:30-44

No Ordinary Meal

Rev. Dr. Paul Cunningham Video Audio

Luke 19:1-10

Seeing Through The Trees

Jere Lester and Noel Musicha​ Video Audio

Mark 10:17-27

A Look Of Love

Rev. Dr. Paul Cunningham Video Audio

Mark 3:31-35

A Redefining Look

Rev. Dr. Paul Cunningham Video Audio

John 2:1-11

Do Whatever He Says

Rev. Scott Mitchell Video Audio

John 4:31-38

Time Is Of The Essence

Rev. Dr. Paul Cunningham Video Audio

Matthew 25:31-46

When Did We See You…?

Rev. Dr. Paul Cunningham Video Audio

Luke 9:57-62

Don’t Look Back

Rev. Chad Fransen Video Audio

John 7:28-39

Looking For Jesus

Rev. Dr. Paul Cunningham Video Audio

Mark 3:1-6

A Setup On The Sabbath

Rev. Dr. Paul Cunningham Video Audio

Luke 15:1-10

The God Who Goes Looking

Rev. Dr. Paul Cunningham Video Audio

Matthew 13:44-46

Looking For The Kingdom Of Heaven

Cynthia Blase Video Audio

Acts 1:1-11

One Last Look

Rev. Dr. Paul Cunningham Video Audio



Thank you for your interest in going deeper into God’s Word. We have a variety of opportunities on Sundays and during the week to gather together and encourage each other. To get connected to a group, please complete to form below, and someone from the church will be in touch shortly to help you find a group that’s a good fit for your situation.