About Us

Vision Statement

A Place to Experience, and an opportunity to Express the Transforming Love of Jesus

Core Values

La Jolla Presbyterian Church seeks to be a church that values relationships with God and one another. Accordingly, we will seek to live life utilizing the following core values:


We will seek to come alongside one another and we will be committed to nurturing relationships with the people around us as we share the hope we have in Jesus Christ. (Acts 8.26-40)


We desire for our members and attendees to be equipped to share the hope of Jesus Christ. We believe we all should be involved in “worship + two” (A place to worship, a place to learn/study, and a place to serve) LJPC wants to help people utilize their gifts and passions in the world. (Ephesians 4.11-16)


We need to “go” into the world and make disciples. Our “world” begins once we leave the church doors. Mission happens across the street, city, county, border and the ocean. We are committed to becoming a church that is “missionally minded” and makes a difference in the name of Jesus Christ. (Acts 1.8) Here is a list of our mission partners and mission trips.


We desire to be a church that celebrates the movement of God. Whether in worship or in special occasions we want to give praise and thanks when God does something in, around or through us. “Celebrating” becomes one of the ways we measure how effective we are in accomplishing the mission God has given to us. (Luke 15)

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