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CAMARADA’s concert repertoire, a program to download and print, artists’ bios, info about the imaginative new CA FESTIVAL of which this is a part, and much more!

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June 2023 Season 63 Finale Concert 

It was thrilling for LJPC Chancel Choir and professional orchestra to perform Mozart’s Requiem in June 2023. This masterpiece of choral music holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world, and we were honored to present it to you in all its grandeur.

To ensure you can fully appreciate the profound beauty and meaning behind each movement, we prepared a comprehensive program for the concert. This program not only outlines the order of the musical pieces but also provides essential translations from Latin to English. Understanding the text is crucial to grasp the depth and emotional impact of Mozart’s Requiem, and we hope you enjoy having all the tools to fully immerse yourself in this extraordinary composition. 

 Here’s the link to download the program for Mozart’s Requiem concert, including Latin to English translations

La Jolla Presbyterian Church Concert Series
Bringing great music to La Jolla through your generous donations

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