Stories of Generosity

There is power in the telling of stories.  As we turn our attention to stewardship some of the Elders at Jolla Presbyterian are telling their stories and why they support the mission and ministry of LJPC.  I am so grateful to serve with such a great group of Elders.  They model Christ’s love and compassion and courage in so many ways.   The creativity and passion and commitment of our staff is truly a joy for me to observe.  The difference this church makes in our community and world is inspiring.   

The operating budget approved by the Elders for fiscal 2023-24 is approximately $3,100,000.  This represents a 9% increase from the previous year due mostly to rising costs, as well as a modest cost of living increase for the staff in 2024.      

Thanks for taking the time to read through this brochure.  Thanks for the amazing ways you support the work of LJPC.  We truly could not do what we do without your prayers, encouragement and financial contributions. 

“Hi, I’m Kim Devermann, I’m deeply invested in La Jolla Presbyterian Church’s mission. As God has been gracious to me, it’s my joy to give back. Serving as an elder, I see the extensive work we do, from sharing faith to providing a safe community space. Despite inflation affecting us all, we must ensure our devoted staff are supported. The upcoming stewardship campaign is close to my heart, and I invite you to join me in pledging for 2024, contributing in any way you can—financially, with your time, talents, and treasure.”

“Hi, I’m Brad Williams. Since I was five, in 1985, La Jolla Presbyterian has been my spiritual home. Childhood Sundays involved raiding dad’s change bowl for offering—a practice instilling the importance of consistent giving. Witnessing my parents’ unwavering commitment, my faith and understanding of God’s generosity deepened. Tithing is a testament to God’s grace in my life, shaping a Christ-centered path that enriches my journey. Today, running any church is costlier, and our church leadership, including myself, have pledged to increase our giving to meet these challenges. I invite you to join us in our mission of love and stewardship.”

“We are the Miller family, Scott and Carrie, and we’ve been embraced by La Jolla Presbyterian Church’s community for 13 years. The church’s programs have profoundly impacted our children’s faith journey. Our commitment extends beyond Sunday school; it includes youth meetups and camps that have blessed our family immeasurably. Having served on the Finance Committee, I’ve seen the church’s dedication to stewardship in the face of rising costs. This year the Session has budgeted an increase  of 9% in projected giving to maintain our mission’s reach. We’re thankful for those who’ve given before us and feel privileged to be part of God’s plan for our church. We hope you’ll join us in this spirit of giving.”

“Hello, I’m Frank Gordon. My wife and I have cherished over 20 years with La Jolla Presbyterian Church, drawn initially by its legacy of active service. My wife serves as a deacon, and I’m on the session, focusing on facilities. La Jolla Presbyterian, established 118 years ago, continues a vibrant tradition of ministry and outreach. We’ve pioneered urban ministries like Urban Life and supported the Ebenezer Church in bridging communities. Our online services during COVID reached every continent but Antarctica. Your increased pledge this year can further empower our global mission. Blessings to all as we support the work of La Jolla Presbyterian together.”