SENT – A study of Acts and the Early Church

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At the beginning of the book of Acts we read that the disciples were looking intently into the sky as Jesus was ascending.  Then two angels showed up and asked them why they were standing there looking into the sky.  Basically, these angels were saying there is “work” to be done.  Stop staring into the sky and get busy sharing the message that Jesus shared with you.  

The book of Acts shows us how followers of Jesus were “sent” into the world to share about the transforming message of Jesus.  This fall we want to think about what it means to be “sent” and what we can learn from the early church about sharing our faith with a society and world that does not always understand what Jesus was all about.

DateScriptureSermon TitleSpeakerGrowth GroupsWatchListen
9/12Acts 2:42-47
and 4:1-13
Spending Time With JesusRev. Paul CunninghamWeek1VideoAudio
9/19Acts 6:1-7Caring for those in NeedRev. Paul CunninghamWeek 2VideoAudio
9/26Acts 8:26-40Explaining the BibleRev. Paul CunninghamWeek 3VideoAudio
10/3Acts 9:32-43Are There Still Signs and Wonders?Rev. Paul CunninghamWeek 4VideoAudio
10/10Acts 11:19-30
and 13:1-3
Why Were They Called Christians?Rev. Paul CunninghamWeek 5VideoAudio
10/17Acts 15:22-35A Letter to the ChurchRev. Scott MitchellWeek 6VideoAudio
10/24Acts 19:23-41Faith and CultureJere Lester and
Noel Musicha
Week 7VideoAudio
10/31Acts 20:17-36More Blessed to Give than ReceiveRev. Paul CunninghamWeek 8VideoAudio
11/7Acts 27:33-44Encouragement in the StormRev. Paul CunninghamWeek 9VideoAudio
11/14Acts 28:16-31Finishing WellRev. Paul CunninghamWeek 10VideoAudio
11/21Psalm 107:1-9Why We Give ThanksRev. Paul CunninghamVideoAudio