Dear Church Sermon Series

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Biblical Teaching, Practical Lessons

Here at La Jolla Pres., we want to see lives transformed through a relationship with Jesus. One way we witness that is by sharing God’s Story, and equipping you to share His story as well. We strive for sermons that are informative, applicable, inviting and transformative.

This Winter, we are looking at The Seven Churches in the book of Revelations.

What lessons can we learn from the early church?  What did the early church get right, what did they miss and where did they need some encouragement?  What does all of this mean for us in 2019?  This winter we will take up the seven messages that John was commissioned to write to the early church in Revelation 2-3.  We hope these letters will challenge and inspire LJPC to continue our mission in our community and world.

Scripture Sermon Theme Growth Group Questions Watch Listen
Revelation 1:9-20 On The Island of Patmos Week One Video Audio
Revelation 2:1-7 The Church at Ephesus Week Two Video Audio
Revelation 2:8-11 The Church at Smyrna Week Three Video Audio
Revelation 2:12-17 The Church at Pergamum. Week Four Video Audio
Revelation 2:18-29 The Church at Thyatira Week Five Video Audio
Revelation 3:1-6 The Church at Sardis Week Six Video Audio
Revelation 3:7-13 The Church at Philadelphia Week Seven Video Audio
Revelation 3:14-21 The Church at Laodicea Week Eight Video Audio