Faith That Works

FaithThatWorksGraphic1920x692 The letter of James is full of “strong” suggestions about how to “live out” the faith.  Of the one-hundred and eight verses in James, sixty of them are in the imperative voice.  In this series, we want to consider how we can find the balance between faith and works. We are saved by faith, but we are also called to express our faith through our actions.  The letter of James offers us some insights as we seek live out a “faith that works.

Scripture Sermon Theme Watch Listen
James 1:1 & Acts 15:12-21 Who Was James? Video Audio
James 1:2-8 Facing Tests and Trials Video Audio
James 1:9-18 Becoming the “Firstfruits” of Creation Video Audio
James 1:19-27 Focusing on the Right Things Video Audio
James 2:1-13 Playing Favorites Video Audio
James 2:14-26 Faith and Works Video Audio
James 3:1-18 Watch What You Say Video Audio
Selections from James 3 My Words and Me Video Audio
James 4:13-17 The Addiction to Being Right Video Audio
James 4:1-12 Coming Close to God Video Audio
Luke 15:11–32  The Prodigal Son – Youth Sunday Video No Audio
James 5:1-6 Affluence and Influence Video Audio
James 5:7-12 Perseverance Video Audio
Mark 2:1-12 Healing from the Inside-Out Video No Audio
James 5:13-20 Prayer Video Audio